What good is a towing service that isn’t there to help in your time of need? At Seattle Towing, we understand that our customers would rather not call us at all, but when they do, they expect us to be there.

That is why our dedicated, 24-hour emergency hotline is available whenever you need a tow or roadside assistance services. The first minutes and hours following a crash or other emergency situations can be especially stressful, but when you give us a call, we do all we can to lessen your burden and get you home safely.

If you or someone you know is in need of immediate towing or roadside assistance, call our emergency hotline today.  

When you call in to our emergency hotline, we can:

- Coordinate towing services and send a truck to your location

- Contact authorities and medical services if necessary

- Identify car troubles and coordinate roadside assistance services

- Stay on the line with you if you are experiencing panic or stress

-   Answer any questions or concerns you may have about the towing process

- And more

For a large number of customers, the Emergency Hotline may be their first experience with our company. That is why we take pride in the professionalism of our entire staff, both in office and out on the roads.

We handle every call that comes into our hotline with the utmost diligence and care, because we know that these instances often require swift and effective action. Call now for more information.