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How Towing Works

Many drivers have a roadside assistance plan, frequently through their insurance company or cellular provider. In the event of an accident or stall, they engage that roadside assistance plan and the insurance company calls a towing company and the tow company sends a truck to assist the driver.

Sometimes it works exactly like that: the tow truck arrives promptly, helps the stranded driver with a good tow, good service, and a fair, transparent price.

But sometimes it doesn’t work like that. Sometimes the tow truck is a long (sometimes very long) time in coming. Sometimes the customer service through roadside assistance is less than stellar, the driver unhelpful or influenced to funnel work to specific repair shops or dealerships. Sometimes the pricing is hazy, even deceptive, with an end price higher than the quoted price (funny how it never ends up being lower). The driver feels trapped, forced into using that tow company simply because they don’t know they have other options.

It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way

Roadside assistance is required to arrive in one hour or less; otherwise, your plan must reimburse you for choosing another tow company.

If you are unhappy with the service you receive at any point when you call roadside assistance, call Seattle Towing right away. We will connect you immediately with your tow truck driver, who will give you an exact arrival time.

Our drivers can also give you advice on the best, most practical and cost-efficient solution, based on your individual situation and needs. Many companies do not allow their drivers to give that sort of advice. Our clear-headed advice has helped many customers when they were too worried or distraught to think through things as they normally would.

We are not bound to or paid by any repair shops or dealerships, but we have extensive experience with most in the Seattle area. We are happy to advise you on best places, best solutions.

Our pricing is 100% transparent. You will know what the charge is going to be and why.

Don’t wait more than one hour for a tow. Ever. Call us.

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